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    Advanced Summary Writing and Paraphrasing Skills

    For high-level learners and English language majors (junior and senior high-school students)

    An online self-study course on advanced summary writing and paraphrasing skills for the National English Language Competition (NELC) and other high-level English language proficiency examinations

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    Language Histories

    For general learners and English language majors

    Basic lessons on the history of the English language (updated with more lessons and language tasks)


Worried about the correct use of hopefully or wondering what the difference is between affect and effect or flaunt and flout? Unsure about whether to say different from or different than or if you should say a historic event or an historic event? Learn these tips from Lexico (by Oxford) to avoid making some of the most common mistakes of usage. Then challenge yourself by playing these Kahoots with your friends and revise what you have learnt.


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    Teaching Knowledge Revision

    For EFL/ESL teachers and English language majors (undergraduates)

    Quizzes for English language majors, pre-service and in-service teachers who want to revise teaching knowledge or prepare for the Cambridge CELTA, TKT, DELTA, TESOL/TEFL, and relavant professional development programmes


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    Adapting Authentic Texts

    For EFL/ESL teachers and English language majors (undergraduates)

    A practical workshop on adapting authentic materials for reading assessment and extensive reading


All writers must admit to a dependence on the work and wisdom of others. We are no exception. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the publications and reference resources which we have consulted and adapted to produce the educational materials on this website. It would also have been quite impossible to have produced and reproduced those materials without adapting a variety of authentic resources which we have regularly referred to. While every effort has been made, it has not always been possible to identify and cite the sources of all the material used or to trace all copyright holders. We will be happy to omit any contents or include any appropriate acknowledgements when they are brought to our notice. For further enquiries and suggestions, please reach us on Facebook or Instagram.

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