Authentic Listening Workshops • Global Voices (Vol. 2) [Advanced]


  • 11 live CNN news reports for advanced listening practice + full transcripts + multiple-choice comprehension (1 credit/section)
  • 2 listening practice tests for Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency (2 credits/test)
  1. Towards a Cashless Society
  2. Shared Values Make for Stronger Societies
  3. Nuclear Testing: Dangerous Conundrum
  4. The Merger of AT&T and Time Warner
  5. US’s Economic Policies: Distribution Problems
  6. The New Silk Road?
  7. Interview with Netflix’s CEO
  8. Diversionary Tactics for Fake News
  9. WannaCry Ransomware: A Malicious Invasion
  10. Artificial Intelligence
  11. America’s Addiction in Medicine
  12. Cambridge English: Proficiency Listening Practice Test 1 (computer-based)
  13. Cambridge English: Proficiency Listening Practice Test 2 (computer-based)


  • This material can only be accessed in mobile apps, except for the computer-based tests.
  • To subscribe to this material, you need to have enough credits.
  • 1 credit = $1
  • You will have one year to access the content when your subscription is activated.
  • If you live in Vietnam or don’t have a PayPal account, feel free to contact me.

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