The world today is proliferated with all kinds of information that we need to analyse, and reading is one of the most important skills for us to do this. In higher learning institutions, as well as mastering reading skills, students also need to acquire critical thinking abilities in their pursuit of knowledge. This is due to the variety of texts they might encounter, which require not only understanding, but also evaluations based on various textual elements.

This course is aimed at helping students to develop critical reading skills not only for their studies, but also for work purposes. It contains eight chapters that provide a better insight into the world of reading and critical thinking. The topics within each chapter are explained using examples from a variety of genres to capture the interest and attention of students. Each chapter has a self-check section and ends with tests covering a variety of topics. Answers are also provided to help students monitor and check their understanding of the lessons.

Finally, I hope that students and teachers will find this course a useful resource for their learning and teaching.


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