Academic Writing Series


  • More than 30 academic essays with comments and tips
  • Useful for O/A Level, IELTS and other Cambridge English writing tasks


Microfinancing Planning an Academic Essay
Language Learning Structuring an Academic Essay
Local Food Using Proper Paragraphing
Writing an Introduction
Writing a Conclusion
Building Booms Comparing & Contrasting
Computer Games Presenting & Supporting Arguments
Alternative Energy Evaluating & Challenging Ideas
PHAs Presenting Solutions to Problems
Drug-Resistant Bacteria Describing Processes
The Gold Rush Describing Changes Over Time
The History of NASA Describing Historical Developments
UK Border Agency Describing Visual Information
Roman Aqueducts Explaining Mechanisms


Language Avoiding Plagiarism
Population Using Quotations
Genre Paraphrasing 1
Telecommuting Paraphrasing 2
Price-Fixing Summarising
Lectures Planning a Discursive Essay
Migration Structuring an Academic Essay
Theatre Using Evidence
Culture Giving Explanations
The Credit Boom Evaluating Ideas
Family Discussing Causes & Effects
Work Cultures Comparing & Contrasting
Language Assignment: An Extended Definition
Work Assignment: An Argumentative Essay
Advertising Assignment: An Advertising Proposal
Global Issues Assignment: A Discursive Essay
Public Spaces Assignment: An Analysis Essay
Business Assignment: A Business Plan
Selfies Assignment: A Summary & Response Essay
Health Assignment: A Cause & Effect Essay


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