Authentic Listening Workshops · 15-Day Challenge (Series 1)

Day 17

News Bulletin 33

Image result for cnn candidates for new nz flag

And finally, it’s down to the final four. We’re getting our first look at the ① . Now, they were ②  in Wellington. ③  next year. They could also decide to keep this ④ . The ⑤ .

News Bulletin 34

Image result for cnn eni says it's found huge gas field

An ① . Eni is saying it’s ② . That would be ③ .

Day 16

News Bulletin 31

Image result for cnn first turkish minister to wear hijab

One of ① . Aysen Gurcan was just ② . She is also ③ . The ④ . The ⑤  in 2013.

Answers 31

① Turkey’s newest ministers is making history
② appointed minister of family and social policies
③ the first female minister to wear a hijab 
④ headscarf is traditional attire for Muslim women, but Turkey had banned hijabs for women holding jobs in state institutions ⑤ ban was lifted


News Bulletin 32

Image result for cnn commuting included in work hours

Now, are you on the way to work right now? If the answer is ‘Yes.’ then I’ve got good news for you: you may already be at work. ①  for it. Of course, there is ② . This isn’t about people who ③  every day. It ④ , for example.

Answers 32

① Europe’s top court says time spent traveling to your job counts as part of the working day and you should get paid ② a catch ③ commute to the same workplace or office ④ applies to staff without a fixed workplace, whose employer expects them to travel to various locations, like a plumber who has to visit a client’s home


Day 15

News Bulletin 29

Image result for cnn kenyan wins gold in javelin

On to some sports now. ①  Julius Yego just ②  in Beijing. ③  at all. He told CNN: actually, he ④ .

Answers 29

① Kenyan javelin thrower ② won a historic first gold medal for his country at the World Athletics Championships ③ Incredibly, the 26-year-old didn’t train with a professional coach ④ taught himself how to throw a javelin by turning to YouTube


News Bulletin 30

Image result for cnn growing impact of plastic on seabirds

We have one more ① . A new study out by the ② . That number—well, it’s now up to 99 percent. It’s expected to rise to 99 percent by 2050.

Answers 30

① note on the environment and the incredible amount of garbage floating around the world’s oceans and the impact that has on seabirds ② National Academy of Sciences says fewer than 10 percent of seabirds which were studied during the 1970s and ’80s were found to have plastic in their stomachs


Day 14

News Bulletin 27

Image result for cnn nazi treasure train found

Two men in ① . According to ②  World War II. Many thought it could be in ③ . But now, two men—④ —say they have found it but won’t be ⑤ .

Answers 27

① southwestern Poland claim they have solved the mystery of a Nazi train full of the Third Reich’s gold
② legend, the train vanished towards the end of
③ a tunnel sealed after the conflict ended 
④ one Polish, one German ⑤ handling over the location for free


News Bulletin 28

Image result for cnn longest reign in british history

Well, today is a ① . Queen Elizabeth is now the ② . She came to ③  at the age of just 25. Now at the age of 89, she will spend the big day on ④ . ⑤  are being held across the country.

Answers 28

① historic day for Britain’s royal family ② longest-serving monarch in British history ③ the throne in 1952 ④ official duties in Scotland ⑤ Events to commemorate the occasion


Day 13

News Bulletin 25

Image result for cnn stone circle found near stonehenge

 near Stonehenge. They found ② . It’s believed there could be up to ③ , some of them may have been as tall as 4.5 meters. The site was ④  has been done yet. But ⑤  Stonehenge site.

Answers 25

① Archaeologists in English have made a groundbreaking discovery ② evidence of a massive stone circle hidden underground ③ 90 standing stones ④ discovered using sensor technology, and no excavation ⑤ researchers say evidence suggests the finding could completely transform our knowledge about the entire


News Bulletin 26

Image result for cnn new words in the OED

It is a word you have heard us use many times on this program: Brexit. And now, it’s made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. Our viewers will recognize Grexit, ① . Now, there is also hangry—when someone is ② ; also, awesomesauce—when something is extremely good or excellent; and finally, wine o’ clock ③  wine.

Answers 26

① referring to the potential withdrawal of Greece from Europe’s currency union, the euro ② bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger ③ describes the appropriate time of day to start drinking


Quick Review 2

Complete the headlines of news bulletins 13-24, using the words given in the box. Use each word only once.

Abandons • Accused • Battle • Bias • Coin • Contest • Earthquake • Equality • Flying • Honored • Launches • of • Racial • Restarts • Saucer • Surpasses • Toward • Training • Woes

13.  Moves Mount Everest
14. Ichiro  Babe Ruth
15.   in Silicon Valley
16. Havard    
17. Large Hadron Collider 
18.  for Kindergarten
19. Zimbabwe  Its Currency
20. NASA Tests ‘ 
21. Pickpocket  at the Eiffel Tower
22. SpaceX  Hyperloop 
23. Godzilla  in Tokyo
24. The   of Waterloo


Day 12

News Bulletin 23

Image result for cnn godzilla honored in tokyo

The giant monster that once ① . Godzilla has been ② . A ③  is now sitting on top of a movie theater here. Tokyo’s ④ . The people of Tokyo may have been terrified of Godzilla in the past, but now, it seems all has been forgiven.

Answers 23

① terrorized the residents of Tokyo is now Japan’s newest citizen ② granted residency in the capital city’s entertainment district ③ replica of the fire-breathing monster’s head ④ mayor approved a special residency certificate and appointed the famous lizard as tourism ambassador


News Bulletin 24

Image result for cnn the coin battle of waterloo

Two ①  of Waterloo, but right now, it seems ②  once again. It all began when ③  at Waterloo. France was, of course, the ④ . So, ⑤ .

Answers 24

① centuries have passed since the Battle ② as though it’s going to be fought ③ Belgium suggested creating a special €2 piece to commemorate the Anglo-Dutch-German victory ④ loser in that particular battle, but they refused to retreat from this particular fight, arguing instead that the euro should be celebrating unity instead of conflict ⑤ Belgium was forced to change its plans, and it made a commemorative €2.5 coin which isn’t actually legal tender


Day 11

News Bulletin 21

Image result for cnn pickpocket woes at the eiffel tower

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower is back open after being ① . Workers at the ②  says ③ . They want ④ . Millions of people visit the Eiffel Tower every year.

Answers 21

① shut down for several hours when staffers walked out in protest over pickpockets ② iconic Paris landmark ③ gangs of pickpockets are threatening them with greater frequency ④ guarantees now that officials will take steps to stop these gangs, who target tourists


News Bulletin 22

Image result for cnn spacex launches hyperloop contest

A ①  of the future? SpaceX is ② . Elon Musk’s idea is to ③  in just a half hour. ④  and students ⑤ . The plan is for the ⑥ . That’s almost ⑦ .

Answers 22

① pie-in-the-sky idea or a vision ② launching a competition for its high-speed rail concept, the Hyperloop ③ shuttle passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles ④ Engineering teams ⑤ have been invited to develop the pods to transport passengers and cargo ⑥ the Hyperloop train to travel at over 1,100 kilometers per hour ⑦ double the speed of the fastest maglev train in the world, the Japanese maglev


Day 10

News Bulletin 19

Image result for cnn zimbabwe abandons its currency

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is ① , because it has become ② . People can ③ . That’s right. After years of ④ . The central bank hopes switching to U.S. dollars, which are already ⑤ .

Answers 19

① ditching its national currency ② almost worthless
③ exchange their local dollars for U.S. dollars at an exchange rate of one U.S. dollar for roughly 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean 
④ hyperinflation, Zimbabwe’s currency is good for virtually nothing ⑤ widely used by Zimbabweans, will stabilize the economy


News Bulletin 20

Image result for cnn nasa test flying saucer

NASA took to the skies on Monday with a ‘① ‘. The space agency hopes the ② . A ③  into the sky over Hawaii, ④ . The happiness didn’t last long, though. A ⑤ . NASA says, as usual, it will learn from this test.

Answers 20

① flying saucer ② craft could play a role in a future manned mission to Mars ③ balloon lifted the test vehicle ④ causing cheers at the Missile Range Facility’s control room ⑤ giant parachute that’s meant to help spacecraft land safely on Mars didn’t inflate when deployed


Day 9

News Bulletin 17

Image result for cnn large hadron collider restarts

Now, two years ago, it helped scientists find ① . Now, CERN’s Large Hardon Collider is ready to ② . Scientists have just started to ③ . They’re not sure what they’ll find this time, but it could ④ .

Answers 17

① evidence for the Higgs boson particles ② explore the mysteries of the dark universe ③ receive data as the collider smashes particles at double the energy level used to discover the Higgs boson ④ lead to evidence of extra dimension and dark matter


News Bulletin 18

Image result for cnn hong kong training for kindergarten

Students in Hong Kong are preparing for what could be the most ①  of their lives, and these students—they are only 2 years old. Some parents are putting their children into ② . These classes also ③  and polite. The ④ , and that means a great life.

Answers 18

① important interviews ② training classes to help them ace their interviews to get into kindergarten
③ train kids as young as 18 months old to be disciplined, to be responsive 
④ thought is a good kindergarten leads to a good primary and secondary school


Day 8

News Bulletin 15

Image result for cnn toward equality in silicon valley

Silicon Valley is keen to ① , and this week, ②  that. ③  $125 million to ④ . And for the first time since 2010, women ⑤  at ⑥ . Earlier this year, Microsoft and Google also made sure some ⑦ . But women are still very much ⑧  in Silicon Valley.

Answers 15

① shed its sexist image ② tech companies have taken steps to address ③ Chip maker Intel’s venture-capital arm has pledged ④ fund start-ups that back women and minorities ⑤ made keynote presentations
⑥ Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference
⑦ speeches at their annual conferences were made by female executives ⑧ a minority


News Bulletin 16

Image result for cnn harvard accused of racial bias

Here’s a question, now, about Harvard University: Is the university trying to keep Asian Americans out? A ①  of more than 60 Asian American groups has ②  the school. The ③ . The ④  despite ⑤ .

Answers 16

① coalition ② filed a federal racial-discrimination complaint against ③ coalition accuses Harvard of unfairly holding Asian American applicants to a higher standard ④ complaint says Asian Americans have the lowest acceptance rates ⑤ boasting some of the highest test scores and accolades


Day 7

News Bulletin 13

Image result for cnn earthquake moves mount everest

Mount Everest has moved, but don’t worry—not far. Chinese ① , and they say the ②  Nepal in April made Everest ③ . Now, previously, the ④  each year. Nepal’s ⑤  to where it was about nine months ago.

Answers 13

① officials have been tracking the mountain’s movements for the past decade ② powerful earthquake that struck ③ shift some 3 centimeters southwest
④ world’s tallest peak had been gradually shifting northeast at a rate of 4 centimeters ⑤ quake effectively pushed it back


News Bulletin 14

Image result for cnn ichiro surpasses babe ruth

In ① , Miami’s Ichiro Suzuki ②  Babe Ruth on the ③ . This single Friday moved Ichiro into ④ . He ⑤  during the game. That puts Ichiro at ⑥ .

Answers 14

① Major League Baseball ② passed legendary slugger ③ all-time hits list ④ sole possession of 42nd place on this historic list ⑤ added another hit ⑥ 2,875 career hits


Quick Review 1

Complete the headlines of news bulletins 1-12, using the words given in the box. Use each word only once.

Approval • Automation • away • Bill • Centuries • Concussion • Crisis • Drilling • Fastest • Fishing • Labor • Match • Melting • Payout • Surveillance • Tied • Trafficked • without • Woes • Xenophobia

1.  Threatens Jobs
2. Ice Shelf  
3. Jolie Reports on Syrian 
4. Digital Sales  Physical Sales
5.   in Thai 
6. Youngest MP in 
7.   to Economic 
8.  for Arctic 
9. French  for More 
10. NFL  for  Cases
11. Internet  the Internet
12. World’s  Train


Day 6

News Bulletin 11

Image result for cnn internet without the internet

Now, how do you bring the Internet to the billions around the world who don’t have an ① ? Well, one company says they have the answer: by putting the best of the Internet in a box. The ②  that doesn’t need the Internet. It ③  a TV and has ④ . And it all ⑤  to be easy for ⑥ .

Answers 11

① Internet connection ② Endless computer is a low-cost PC ③ plugs into ④ copies of sites like Wikipedia that users can access offline ⑤ runs on an entirely new operating system that’s designed ⑥ first-time computer users


News Bulletin 12

Image result for cnn world's fastest train

A Japan railway has new ① : it has the fastest train in the world, for all you ②  out there. The ③ . That means, in the time it takes me to tell you this, that train could ④ . Don’t get too excited, though; the train will not be ⑤  until 2027. We got a little bit of time to wait.

Answers 12

① bragging rights ② train-spotters ③ maglev train has traveled at more than 600 kilometers an hour for 11 seconds ④ pass 20 football fields ⑤ in regular service


Day 5

News Bulletin 9

Image result for cnn french bill for more surveillance

The ①  in Paris in January have ② . The ③  which would ④ . Before the vote, ⑤ . The bill now ⑥ .

Answers 9

① deadly terror attacks ② pushed French lawmakers to beef up the country’s security laws ③ lower house has approved a surveillance measure ④ vastly expand the government’s abilities to gather intelligence
⑤ protesters gathered, calling the bill too intrusive
⑥ heads to the French Senate


News Bulletin 10

Image result for cnn nfl payout for concussion cases

In the U.S., one of the biggest ① . A ②  between the ③ —some of them ④ —who ⑤ . The ⑥  up to $5 million for each ⑦ . The ⑧  on or before July 7th of last year.

Answers 10

① legal battles in NFL history has come to a close
② federal judge has given final approval to a lawsuit settlement ③ National Football League and thousands of former players 
④ incredibly high-profile ones
⑤ accused the League of hiding the dangers of concussions 
⑥ agreement provides ⑦ retired player for serious medical conditions associated with head trauma ⑧ settlement applies to all players who retired


Day 4

News Bulletin 7

Image result for cnn xenophobia tied to economic woes

Now, many say the ①  in the South Africa have been ② . The government says ③  is around 25 percent. The ④ says in 2011, more than half of all South Africans were living ⑤ . Some South Africans have ⑥  taking jobs, ⑦ . There are ⑧  in South Africa.

Answers 7

① xenophobic attacks ② triggered by the country’s economic problems ③ unemployment ④ World Bank
⑤ in poverty 
⑥ accused  immigrants of ⑦ undermining local businesses and committing crime ⑧ signs of concern among international investors about the xenophobic sentiment


News Bulletin 8

Image result for cnn approval for arctic drilling

The ①  is giving ②  to begin ③ . It’s believed 20 percent of ④ . ⑤  argue there would not be enough time for an ⑥  if anything goes wrong. The ⑦  says ⑧  can begin.

Answers 8

① Obama administration ② Shell conditional approval ③ drilling in the Arctic off the Alaskan coast
④ the world’s undiscovered oil and natural gas is beneath the Arctic waters ⑤ Environmental groups
⑥ emergency response ⑦ U.S. Interior Department
⑧ a number of conditions must be met before drilling


Day 3

News Bulletin 5

Image result for cnn trafficked labour in thai fishing

Thai ① say that there are ② people working in the ③ . But the ④ Raks Thai Foundation suggests there are more than ⑤ . So-called ⑥ . These ⑦ can stay at sea for years on end, ⑧ . The Thai government is ⑨ .

Answers 5

① government figures ② 145,000 ③ fishing industry
④ activist group ⑤ 200,000 trafficked, unregistered workers ⑥ ghost ships with undocumented crews are partly to blame for the disparity in numbers
⑦ unregistered vessels ⑧ restocked with fuel and food by supply boats ⑨ making moves to crack down


News Bulletin 6

Image result for cnn mhairi black

In Scotland, a ①  has now become the youngest MP ② in more than 300 years—another ③ that’s ④ . Mhairi Black ⑤ , Douglas Alexander, she now among the winners in SNP’s ⑥ .

Answers 6

① 20-year-old student representing the Scottish National Party ② elected ③ stunning development
④ taken place here overnight ⑤ ousted one of the opposition-leader party’s top figures ⑥ dominance over Labour thus far in this election


Day 2

News Bulletin 3


Angelina Jolie is a ① . But she certainly didn’t have anything good to say about ②  in Syria—that crisis there for four years—or the ③ in trying to ④ . Jolie told the ⑤  she’s been in 11 different ⑥ , seeing thousands of people. She told personal stories of those she ⑦ .

Answers 3

① UN Goodwill Ambassador for refugees
② developments ③ performance of the Security Council countries 
④ settle the crisis ⑤ ambassadors
⑥ refugee camps ⑦ encountered


News Bulletin 4


The ① is ② . Figures from ③ — they show that, for the first time, ④  in 2014. Get this: ⑤  rose almost 7 percent to $6.9 billion. That’s 46 percent of all ⑥ , the same ⑦ . The rise was ⑧ , up 39 percent, which ⑨ .

Answers 4

① digital revolution ② continuing in the music industry ③ industry body IFPI ④ global digital-music revenues matched physical sales ⑤ digital revenues
⑥ worldwide music sales ⑦ share of the market as physical sales ⑧ driven by a massive increase in streaming subscriptions ⑨ offset [an] 8 percent fall in downloads


Day 1

News Bulletin 1

Image result for cnn automation threatens jobs

Well, could a robot ① your job? If you’re not creative enough, you may be ② . An ③ , Nesta, says the UK needs around 1 million new creative jobs by 2030 to keep humans ④ . Who’s safe from robots? ⑤ —and it turns out ⑥  are looking OK too. People who work as ⑦ , however, are among those the group found to be ⑧ .

Answers 1

① take over ② at risk ③ innovation charity
④ in employment ⑤ Artists, musicians, graphic designers ⑥ journalists ⑦ archivists, farmers and accountants ⑧ under threat


News Bulletin 2

Image result for cnn larsen b melting

And now, a ①  from NASA. The ②  says one of ③ is ④  and could ⑤  within the next five years. It says the Larsen B ⑥ , which has been around for at least 10,000 years, is ⑦ . Scientists say the ⑧ , and without it, ⑨ . They note that what’s most surprising is how quickly the changes are happening.

Answers 2

① warning ② U.S. space agency ③ Antarctica’s giant ice shelves ④ rapidly melting ⑤ disappear ⑥ ice shelf
⑦ shrinking due to climate change 
⑧ shelf holds back glaciers ⑨ global sea levels will rise faster


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