Authentic Reading 1 (B1/B2)


  • What is cybercrime? Give some examples.
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Solve the crossword below, using the words from the article.

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  • 1. tricking someone into revealing personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, by sending them an email that seems to be from a reliable company
  • 2. seeming very like real life or real people
  • 3. make someone believe something that is not true
  • 4. change your behaviour so that you can deal with a new situation
  • 5. the process of finding out what someone is doing
  • 6. a word or an expression that is very informal and used only by a particular group of people


  • 7. pretending to be someone else by copying the way that they speak or behave
  • 8. [hyphenated] using more words and taking more time than necessary to say something
  • 9. computer programs designed to make conversation with human users, especially over the internet
  • 10. dishonest plans, especially for getting money

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Choose the best answer to each of the questions about the article.

Cybercrime costs New Zealanders around
The chatbots at Re:scam are designed to
The bots use humour, grammatical errors and local slang so that they sound like
The software is always learning
The idea is so successful because

The ‘scam’ word family

  • Choose the correct definitions.
a scam
to scam
a scammer

  • Underline all the scam words in the article. Which definition from the task above applies to each one?
  • Read the title of the article again and talk about what it means.


  • How often do you receive scam emails?
  • Have you, or has anyone you know, ever been the victim of an online scam?
  • What do you do to protect yourself from cybercrime?

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