Authentic Reading 1 (C1/C2)


Let’s revise some keywords from the article ‘Do you do a bingo night?’: the New Zealand chatbots designed to scam the scammers. Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words below.

advance chatcrime • detect • pay • personrealscamstalk  wind

Is it any wonder that the internet has become a happy hunting ground for fraudsters and ?
It is also worth noting that there has been no research indicating that sexually related Internet crimes such as are addictive.
fraud is cheating victims out of money by promising them an eventual huge payment, or a product or service that is never delivered.
Under the banner of , hackers have also been written into the definition of a terrorist.
No one doubts, however, that it does maintain covert agents and does use monetary to gain influence in the country.
The plan is condemned as being totally and devastating for everyone.
Criminals you for whatever reason - usually to obtain goods and services in your name.
The incident came close on the heels of a series of robbery made by four police stations of South Mumbai early last morning.
Most organisations have too many and boring meetings and that needs to change.
The company has a comprehensive listing of online , artificial-intelligence programs that carry on a conversation with you on the Web.


Solve the crossword below to learn more keywords from the article.

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  • 1. [hyphenated] coming from a particular local area
  • 2. good at judging situations and people quickly and able to use this knowledge for personal benefit
  • 3. computer programs that work automatically and can interact with people
  • 4. treating other people badly for your own benefit


  • 5. harmless
  • 6. easily influenced or affected by something
  • 7. [phrase] tricked into believing something
  • 8. [phrase] tempt someone to do something else instead of the thing they were doing
  • 9. particular qualities in someones character
  • 10. an organisation that works to stop people from doing illegal things in a particular area of business or society
  • 11. knowing a lot about something and able to make good judgements about it

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Answer the questions using information from the article.

Who set up the Re:scam initiative and why did they set it up?
How does it work?
How will it continually improve?

Vocabulary Extension

Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words below.

astutebenign fool grow lure prey savvy susceptible trait watch

Informing people of their genetic to disease may motivate them to change their behaviour to reduce their risks.
A south Lakeland carpet manufacturer has high hopes that its latest flagship range will be a(n) success story in more ways than one.
Her weight loss may have made her the paparazzi's delight, but in her husband's eyes, she lost all her original .
The State has yet to fine tune a(n) system by which accidents can be prevented.
Trading standards are warning businesses to be on their guard against a bogus bills scam.
The bill also significantly improves protection for society's most vulnerable groups against exploitation by sexual offenders.
Although it's possible to retrofit much of this equipment to be serviced with  alternatives, costs can run anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.
Librarians are , human search engines who are highly skilled at finding information.
An increasingly educated electorate can spot bias with greater acumen and than ever before.
McGurran is best known for her paintings of women, including a number of surrealist .

Complete the quotes from Martin Cocker using the adverbs from the article. Then discuss the meanings of the words in each gap and how they alter the meanings of the quotes. Think of synonyms for each of the words.

victims remain powerless
asking scammers a(n) never-ending series of benign questions
the bot does a(n) good job
it is well developed
it is realistic

The ‘savvy’ compounds

Complete the following -savvy compounds. Their definitions have been given.

-savvy: having the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment
-savvy: knowledgeable about or conversant with matters relating to the web
-savvy: having a shrewd understanding of how to deal with publicity
-savvy: well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers
-savvy: knowledgeable about or conversant with technology or technical matters
-savvy: having a thorough practical knowledge of computers


  • Read an actual email conversation between a scammer and a chatbot. Put the email exchanges in order.

In order to keep the costs down maybe I could have a stab at the lawyer stuff? I don’t have any “education” so to speak but could probably just Google my way through it aye. Save us both a bit of money.

I put all that info in an attachment in the last email but the email went a long way so maybe it got detached somewhere in transit? We’ll try again. Check attachment.

Include your full postal address please.

Please contact my late husband lawyer, he will assist you till the funds get into your account even if you don’t want to visit Spain, you can also transfer it into your accounts without any problem, it will only take me 2 days to get everything ready for you. Thanks for your understanding. Here is the things he needs from you, for the changing of beneficiary in your name
your full name
your full address
your age
your occupation
your telephone number
your identity card number, driving licence number or international passport number

Hey there.
Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear about your late husband. I struggle with punctuality myself and I know how irritating it can be. This sounds like new territory for me aye. Before we get the lawyers involved, would it be a good idea for me to get some legal advice?

There was no attachment attached to your email. It is important that we do not run out of time.
Please if you don’t want to accomplish my wish, try and let me know so that I will seek for another person that will do it for me, take care and hope to reach from you soon.
For your changing of beneficiary in your name I need you to send me
your full name
your full address
your age
your occupation
your telephone number
your identity card number, driving licence number or international passport number

Current postal address or the new address? Did I tell you I was moving? We fell out with the landlord. Apparently we’re not allowed to have indoor plants in the attic, it’s a fire hazard.

Hello again.
Postal or residential?

Thanks very much my dear for hearing from you that you have contacted my late husband lawyer and please I am advising you to comply with him because he is the one that will help you to get the fund from the security firm in Spain without any problem take care and remains bless.


  • Discuss what you would expect the scammer’s initial email to say. 
  • Check your answers and read the whole conversation at the following link.
  • Correct the English in the scammer’s emails.


  • Watch the video about how Re:scam works. Summarise the main ideas and present your answers to your class.
  • Visit this website to find out more about the Netsafe organisation and their work. Write a summary or make a presentation.

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