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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.

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Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in capitals.

Where does the truth lie? The studies are varied and frequently contradictory, as they are with most information when it comes to the environment. The (1)  (WIDE) perspective is that the ‘lungs of the Earth,’ the forest areas and trees that (2)  (CLEAN) the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, are deteriorating at (3)  (PRECEDE) rates. The opposing view, less conventional but (4)  (BEAR) out by research, suggests that there has been a(n) (5)  (REVERSE) of the overall forest decline in many regions.

The findings of one recent report claim that the transition from deforestation to (6)  (FOREST) is already well (7)  (WAY). The team of researchers asserted that two of the countries most often accused of the worst environmental abuses, China and the US, have actually achieved forest (8)  (EXPAND) over the last fifteen years. The team took into account tree density as well as tree cover. They gave the example of Japan, where, although, the size of forest land has remained (9)  (CHANGE) for the last fifty years, tree volume has achieved an average annual increase of about 1.6%.

A combination of factors is responsible, including the (10)  (GO) migration from rural regions to urban centers as well as the rise of electronic media with the (11)  (SEQUEL) decline of (12)  (PRINT). Globally, however, there is less cause for optimism.

According to another report, expanded woodland may not be enough to avert environmental (13)  (LOAD). New forest land might look good on paper, providing an impressive statistic, but cannot compare with natural forests in terms of (14)  (DIVERSE). The report also states that newly planted trees are not growing quickly enough to deal with carbon dioxide levels. If that is true, then international environmental agreements that allow governments to plant trees rather than cut their greenhouse gas emissions would have little (15)  (TERM) effect in combating the rise of greenhouse gases.

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Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the list below.

concentrate • cycle • deplete • dispose • energy • equal • fund • hold • house (x2) • increase • life • light • native • new • part • pin • settle • tribute • work

With the rapid (1) of fossil fuel reserves, nuclear power is back on the political agenda as the greenest and most realistic energy source for the future, not without controversy, though. Until recently, disasters such as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl (2) the (3) view that the technology was (4) hazardous. However as traditional fossil fuel (5) choke the atmosphere and climate change reduces (6)  pasture land to barren deserts, a new tolerance may have to be considered. Those who once dismissed it face the (7) realisation that nuclear power may be the least harmful for future energy needs and the most viable in comparison with (8)  energy sources like wind, wave, and solar power.

Advocates (9) the fact that nuclear power has no regulated air emissions, which means no (10) gases; in terms of radioactivity, they claim that fossil fuel (11) , such as coal, release far more radiation than nuclear power plants. They also list the number of deaths per year that can be (12) to mining operations and question reliance on fossil fuel combustion that has brought the Earth to the brink of ecological catastrophe. According to these arguments, nuclear power is the key to the (13) demands of our (14)  society.

For the public, however, safety and waste (15)  still remain of paramount importance. Nuclear power does generate waste and the public fear of radioactive material taking many thousands of years to decay is hard to dispel. To a certain extent, the solution is (16) , an approach similar to the one we take with conventional (17) waste; new technology is being developed that takes (18) of plutonium and uses it as a fuel in its own right with only a 300-year radioactive (19) . That may not be the ideal remedy, but it seems that we may be witnesses to a nuclear (20)  very few of us would ever have anticipated.

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