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Read the two texts below.
Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts.
Use your own words throughout as far as possible, and include your own ideas in your answer.
Write your answer in 240–280 words in an appropriate style.

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Backwater Syndrome

‘By backwater syndrome, I mean the mainly euro-centric attitude that developing nations and communities principally have value only as tourist attractions; they exist so that western tourists can gawp smugly at their primitive cultures. But what this overlooks is that behind the scenes of many a spear-toting African tribal rain dance put on for coachloads of overweight westerners, there exists a world of grinding poverty, disease and desperate need. Quaint it may be, but helpful it is not; more significantly, this apparent inclusion in the economic benefits of tourism is an illusion. It merely provides crumbs and while it salves the conscience of the west, it leaves the real task unattended.’—Peter Angstrom, Overseas Development Manager[/one_half]

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A Chance for Self-Reliance

‘Give a man a fish, they say, and he has food for a day; teach a man to fish and he has food for life. That’s what the tourist industry in developing communities is all about. It’s not about handouts, it’s about participation in much needed economic progress. And what a fantastic sector it is—whether you’re a builder, a cook, a guide, a gardener, an entrepreneur—there are openings for absolutely everyone. What can be more democratic than that? Little surprise that it is the biggest industry in the world. We may not like it when we see hotels springing up near a deserted beach, but every one of those buildings represents hope, faith in the future, and a chance of progress.’—Helen Westerly, Diplomat[/one_half_last]


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Write an answer to one of the questions 2–3 in this part.
Write your answer in 280–320 words in an appropriate style.

You have recently returned from a holiday that you booked through a local travel agent. You are dissatisfied with the car hire company that the agent arranged for you and the way that the car hire company handled your subsequent complaint. Write a letter to the travel agent explaining what went wrong and why you feel they should not use the car hire company again.
Write your letter.

An educational committee is looking for the best methods of learning foreign languages. As part of their research, they have asked you to write a report based on your experience and that of your friends. Write your report, explaining which factors played a part in your own studies and outlining which were successful and which were not.
Write your report.


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All authors must admit to a dependence on the work of others. We are no exception. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the publications and reference sources that we have consulted and adapted for educational purposes. It would also have been quite impossible to have produced the material on this website without adapting a variety of authentic resources that we have regularly referred to. While every effort has been made, it has not always been possible to identify and cite the sources of all the material used or to trace all copyright holders. We will be happy to omit any contents or include any appropriate acknowledgements when they are brought to our notice.

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