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Read the two texts below.
Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts.
Use your own words throughout as far as possible, and include your own ideas in your answer.
Write your answer in 240–280 words in an appropriate style.

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The Meaning of ‘Freelancer’

Not so very long ago, it was relatively rare to come across someone who called themselves a ‘freelancer’ and what they meant by that was generally understood; they were someone who earned their living from doing a number of separate jobs for different customers. To be in that position, it would generally have been assumed that they were considered an expert in their field, an expertise gained from having previously been employed for some time at a well-regarded company or organisation, their skills and experience enabling them to branch out by themselves. The same assumptions can no longer be made. The word ‘freelancer’ now covers a whole range of situations, some of them more desirable than others.[/one_half]

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The Attraction of Being a Freelancer

For a significant proportion of the working population, the idea of being a freelancer is something faintly glamorous, a situation they aspire to, at least in theory. It strikes them as being a world of freedom, in which the lucky inhabitants can ‘pick and choose’ what work they do and when they do it, and the rewards are uniformly high. But this is simply a case of ‘the other man’s grass is always greener’. Freelance life very frequently bears no resemblance to that fantasy and, furthermore, a large proportion of those who eye it enviously would not survive for a week in what can be a tough and scary world, requiring masses of self-discipline and containing little in the way of security.[/one_half_last]


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You have had a class discussion about the role of advertising in society. Views expressed included that advertising is dishonest and tricks people into spending money, that it has little impact on what people buy, that is a useful way of spreading information and that is has great advantages for TV companies and sports. Your teacher has asked you to write an article for the college magazine, addressing the points made in the discussion and giving your opinions.
Write your article in 280–320 words in an appropriate style.


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