Plato argued that validity could only be ascertained through the process of internal reason, while Aristotle argued that physical experimentation was the only sure validation method.
The personal stories we have been hearing do appear to match up with the survey results.
The scientist lost the debate because, although her argument made sense, she failed to connect with and win over the audience.
There are always different sides to a debate, depending on where we are coming from.
Contemplation and reflection, for some people, is necessary for restoring energy levels, while other people need constant company in order to maintain energy levels.
Is it possible for something to be both beautiful and practical - or is it always a balancing act?
There is a kind of beauty in mathematics and the adherence to rules, which is the opposite of the wild urge to break rules and run free, in which another kind of beauty may be observed.
Designers often think more about how a product can and should be made in terms of engineering and design principles, rather than the user experience, which only begins once the consumer buys the product.
Chaotically-managed businesses can benefit from more logical project planning and management, while the other extreme can lead to bureaucracy.
Detail-oriented individuals may not be equally adept at appreciating the wider context.

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