Phrasal Verbs 6

This phrasal verb means ‘to have an effect regardless of (divisions or boundaries between groups)’.

Sport is a good vehicle in this context, as it __________ across the boundaries of nationality, race, religion, and culture.

Idioms 6

This idiom means ‘the very best of a particular group of people or things‘.

The __________ of the crop are well represented on the recently released 25th anniversary set, a double-disc effort comprising 41 tracks.

Phrasal Verbs 5

This phrasal verb means ‘to recover well after a setback or problem’.

The little girl has amazed her family and doctors by __________ back and learning how to walk on her prosthetic legs.

Idioms 5

This idiom means ‘to exchange ideas, opinions, or information about a particular subject’.

Recently I've been thinking a good bit about relationships, and __________ notes with friends on the subject.

Phrasal Verbs 4

Here is a formal phrasal verb, meaning ‘to come to be realised by‘.

The truth has been __________ in upon them through their own brave stand that there can be no normal sport in an abnormal society.

Idioms 4

Here is an informal idiom, meaning ‘to fully consider or assimilate a new idea or situation‘.

They claim he is trying to bury the issue rather than taking their criticisms on .

Phrasal Verbs 3

Today’s phrasal verb is used when you want to know where somebody or something are and what happened to them.

Never once did she question what would __________ of her, but always on her mind was what had happened to the future she had planned for herself.

Idioms 3

Today’s idiom means ‘new members/employees, especially young ones, with new ideas and energy‘.

The company has brought in some fresh in an effort to revive its fortunes.

Phrasal Verbs 2

Today’s phrasal verb means ‘(of a rule/situtation) to make sth possible’.

The evidence __________ of only one interpretation - he was murdered by his wife.

Idioms 2

Today’s idiom means ‘to try very hard to do something’.

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