Consolidation: Paraphrasing • Free Reference E-booklet for Advanced Learners


Paraphrasing skills are important for students of international English exams and academic English, and competency in these skills is also required to perform well in their university-level courses. Yet the tasks can often be daunting for English language learners and even teachers.

Read my free e-booklet to find out how you can improve these micro-skills. Feel free to share your comments on my Facebook. (This material can only be accessed in mobile apps.)


  • Tip 1 • Introduction (v2)
  • Tip 2 • Semantic Paraphrasing (v2)
  • Tip 3 • Syntactic Paraphrasing
  • Tip 4 • Keywords in Paraphrasing (v2)
  • Tip 5 • Paraphrasing Examples
  • Tip 6 • Paraphrasing Metaphorical & Figurative Expressions


  • Practice 1 • Recognising & Using Paraphrases
  • Practice 2 • Paraphrase a Source Text
  • Practice 3 • Problems with Style, Register & Tone (updating)
  • updating more practice…

Advanced Consolidation • Extensive Reading (Paperback)


  • multiple-choice reading practice tests using authentic materials (The Economist, Time, New Scientist, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal)
  • 4 standardised reading practice tests: TOEFL iBT, IELTS Academic, Cambridge English: C1 Advanced & C2 Proficiency
  • support group